Established in 1986 by Dr. Donald Clairmont, Pilot Research has a reputation for solid, comprehensive, evidence-based policy research and evaluation across a variety of social policy areas; with a particular focus in the criminal justice system, policing, race and ethnic relations, community-based strategies for change, restorative justice, crime prevention and offender rehabilitation and societal reintegration.

Major features of the research approach employed by Don and other Pilot Research Associates are

  • attention to contextual as well as specific local patterns and factors
  • a formative evaluation strategy calling for close collaboration with clients and stakeholders in all phases of the assessment
  • use of a wide variety of qualitative and quantitative methods appropriate to the tasks at hand
  • commitment to the norms of careful data management, confidentiality and anonymity of participants’ information, and attention to the dimensions of effectiveness, efficiency and equity in social policy assessments.

Research services are available to government and non-profit organizations who seek to approach crime and justice through community-based and restorative practices.  This includes evaluations of existing programs, policing practices, and alternative models for the delivery of justice.

Consultative services are available to researchers and policy-makers for planning and execution of research projects and related undertakings. As part of its mandate, Pilot Research seeks to encourage pursuit of social justice through criminological studies and participation in the free exchange of information among researchers and policy makers in the field of crime and criminal justice.

Major recent research emphases have been developments in therapeutic jurisprudence (the problem-solving court), Aboriginal justice initiatives, policing, restorative justice, and issues in public safety.

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